Sudbury Gasworks, built in 1874, is a unique, charming and architecturally significant building in the heart of Sudbury Village.

Having negotiated a 99-year lease, the Sudbury Gasworks Restoration Trust intend to rescue, preserve and refurbish this ‘at risk’ building to provide a modern community resource and make a real difference to people and the local community.

Thanks to National Lottery players, major funding awarded in 2020 will mean that not only will the building be conserved and developed, but people will also document and promote the history of the gasworks and the industrial development of the Sudbury Estate, as well as researching and interpreting the wider historical context of Sudbury, thus preserving this heritage for future generations.

In summary, our project aims are to:

  1.  Restore, conserve and refurbish the gas house structure and site;
  2.  Research, document and archive the Gaswork’s history and the wider context of the village, engaging the local community in the process;
  3.  Extend the building with sympathy for the original structure and equip it with services and facilities to ensure future sustainability;
  4.  Provide a flexible, vibrant and accessible community facility for the people of Sudbury and beyond

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