Sudbury Gasworks: Rescued and Restored

Sudbury gasworks was built in 1874 by renowned architect George Devey, famed for his work on many country estates, including commissions for the Rothschild family.

The picturesque building produced gas from coal which was piped to Sudbury Hall, as well as many houses in the village, until the 1930s. The building now stands empty, with noticeable deterioration.

In 2013, volunteers from the village formed Sudbury Gasworks Restoration Trust (SGRT), a Building Preservation Trust, which aims to save the building and adapt it to serve the community once again.

The SGRT intends to restore, conserve and refurbish the building, involving volunteers and the local community in documenting the heritage of the site and the village.

Thanks to the support of National Lottery players and other funders, including the Architectural Heritage Fund, development funding has been awarded to help progress plans. The SGRT hopes to apply for a full grant at a later date.

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