£1.4m Funding Success

Sudbury Gasworks Restoration Trust are delighted to announce that they have received a £1.4m National Lottery Heritage Fund grant to restore the old Victorian Gasworks and create a space for the local community. The Trust has secured £1,377,800 for its exciting heritage project, ‘Rescuing and Restoring Sudbury Gasworks’, to re-develop the disused gasworks building in [...]

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WELLIES Welcomed to Gasworks Building

A few days ago, we showed some of the WELLIES team around the Sudbury Gasworks. Growing Rural Enterprise is an organisation that helps rural businesses develop and grow, and we hope to continue working with them as the project develops. It was a lovely day, as you can see in the pictures below, and we [...]

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Design Concepts Progressing

We've been busy this month establishing some concept design proposals with our architects, Lathams, as well as looking at costs with Greenwood Projects. This all links in to the draft Business Plan, also in production, looking at the proposed usage and operational structure of the new building. We've also been considering how the heritage will [...]

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Results Received of Contamination Report

It was like going back to a science class yesterday, meeting with Idom Merebrook (engineering and environmental consultancy) at Cromford Mills - drilling down (no pun intended) into the results of our contamination report with words like free-phase tars, hydrocarbons and nitrogen-bearing compounds... Thankfully our situation is very manageable and we have a clear way [...]

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In The Archives

It’s been a busy week for us! We’ve just had a meeting with the team who will be supporting us with creating engaging heritage interpretation - Headland Design. Volunteers also had an interesting afternoon at Derbyshire Record Office with an introduction to managing archival records. In fact, we recently found a mention of the gasworks [...]

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Fast and Furious

Last weekend 11 teams took part in a spectacular 2 and a half hour endurance race at Fastlane Karting, Fenton, to help raise funds for our project. Thanks to all involved, particularly our trustee Brice, for their support. A grand total of £560 was raised and a lot of fun was had! This money will [...]

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Going Underground

We’ve been taking a look at what’s beneath our feet this week. The project is progressing at some pace now – in the last week alone, we have built test pits so our Structural Engineer understands more about the building’s foundations and undertaken an contamination survey. It’s been wonderful seeing the professionals at work, using [...]

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It’s All About The Groundwork…

  What a day for topographical surveying! Under the scorching sun, Mapmatic carried out the survey, used to identify and map the contours of the ground and existing features on the surface of the earth. It will serve as the base map for future designs.

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Bats All, Folks!

Apex Ecology carried out an evening bat inspection at the gasworks tonight. Historic records indicate 8 species of bats in the local area. We know the building has potential internal and external roosting sites. There will be two further observations over the next few weeks.

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A Leisurely Long Table Lunch

Thank you to everyone that attended our Long Table Lunch this weekend. It was a lovely event, with great food made by our volunteers, great company, and most importantly, a great fundraising event to help our project along!  

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