The Old Gasworks, Sudbury, was built in 1874 and was designed by George Devey, a noted architect of the time. Gas was produced from coal and piped to Sudbury Hall as well as many houses in the village.  The gasholder was dismantled in the 1930s and the building now stands empty, with noticeable deterioration.


In 2013, volunteers from the village formed Sudbury Gasworks Restoration Trust (SGRT), a building preservation trust, which aims to save the building and adapt it to serve the community once again.


As a registered charity, SGRT is raising funds from various sources to:

Involve people in the research and recording of the building’s history

Restore, conserve and sympathetically extend the building

Provide an attractive and modern community facility

The building is being developed for the use and benefit of the local community, so your ideas and thoughts are most welcome. If you would like to find out more about this project, or wish to get involved, please see here for more details, and here to contact us.