In The Archives

It’s been a busy week for us! We’ve just had a meeting with the team who will be supporting us with creating engaging heritage interpretation - Headland Design. Volunteers also had an interesting afternoon at Derbyshire Record Office with an introduction to managing archival records. In fact, we recently found a mention of the gasworks [...]

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Fast and Furious

Last weekend 11 teams took part in a spectacular 2 and a half hour endurance race at Fastlane Karting, Fenton, to help raise funds for our project. Thanks to all involved, particularly our trustee Brice, for their support. A grand total of £560 was raised and a lot of fun was had! This money will [...]

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Going Underground

We’ve been taking a look at what’s beneath our feet this week. The project is progressing at some pace now – in the last week alone, we have built test pits so our Structural Engineer understands more about the building’s foundations and undertaken an contamination survey. It’s been wonderful seeing the professionals at work, using [...]

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