Venue Hire – Coming Spring 2023

We look forward to welcoming visitors next spring, and to opening up the building as a space for the community to enjoy.

As well as hosting our own planned activities and events throughout the week, the Gasworks will also be available as a venue to hire, whether it is for family events, corporate hire or weekly classes, we can accommodate. You will find the details of our hire charges for 2023 listed below.

Please use the enquiry form below to find out about availability for venue hire.

The Gasworks will also be available for exclusive Wedding hire. Please note pricing for wedding hire differs to our standard venue hire fees. For more information on prices and availability please contact

Charges for venue hire

Please note: Charges are per hour or part thereof and according to the groups set out below.
Included with every booking is 30 minutes each end of the hire, free of charge, to set up and clear away.
You can book additional time for set up / clear up. There will be an additional charge of 50% of the normal room hire charge per additional hour.

Two women making autumn wreathes

Group 1 – Venue Hire

Sudbury Parish Residents*, non for profit/charitable organisations meetings, coffee mornings, disabled clubs. For example local ran clubs like WI or a not for profit mother and baby group/ playgroup.

Image of women in a yoga class in a sitting pose

Group 2 – Venue Hire

As Group 1 but not Sudbury Parish residents and any for profit businesses wanting regular use**. For example yoga / fitness classes.

Children’s birthday party, child blowing out the candle on their cake

Group 3 – Venue Hire

Private parties (e.g. birthdays, baby showers, retirement).

Woman Giving a speech

Group 4 – Venue Hire

Commercial building hire and other bookings which are not covered in Groups 1, 2 or 3. Conferencing, Polling station etc.

Fees per hour

Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4
Hire Fees£12£20£30£30
Minimum charge£24£40£90£90


  • All Group 3 and Group 4 hires will be charged a £100 deposit (plus room hire charge) which is returnable after the event less any expense caused by the event in the way of damage, repairs, extra cleaning, etc.
  • A refundable key deposit of £30 may be charged.
  • Deposits will only be returned to the bank account they originated from.
  • All bookings carry a minimum charge per session (see table).
  • Refer to our Booking Conditions for more detail on booking
  • **If a long term hire of over 6 weeks is needed the price is negotiable and more details are available on request.
  • *To qualify for Group 1 charges, correspondence address from the following postcodes must be provided prior to invoice:
  • DE6 5AF
  • DE6 5AG
  • DE6 5EB
  • DE6 5EZ
  • DE6 5HG
  • DE6 5HH
  • DE6 5HL
  • DE6 5HN
  • DE6 5HR
  • DE6 5HS
  • DE6 5HT
  • DE6 5HU
  • DE6 5HW
  • DE6 5HY
  • DE6 5HZ
  • DE6 5PE
  • DE6 5WF
  • DE6 5ZS